Limited space, infinite possibilities.

Space. When you don’t have much, you need to make the most of every inch, and space is at a premium.

But even large corporations are reverting to small spaces, such as Ikea, who will be trialing small click and collect stores to allow their brand to reach more customers across the country (see full story here: Guardian Article: Ikea).

Every business has their own solution, whether it be shelves, wall displays, baskets or even using the ceiling (see below)!
Daily Mail article: Gap stores turn upside down

Not every storage or display solution has to be a gimmick, but thinking outside the box and using display products in different ways can boost sales regardless.

Here are our 5 steps to making more of your space:

1. Go vertical.

Reach for the skies by wall mounting and using tall displays. This can draw your customers deeper into your store.

2. Section, section, section.

Create sections of your different ranges using stands and displays as dividers.

3. Stack it.

Stacking baskets and modular displays are increasingly popular for space saving.

4. Smoke and mirrors.

Good lighting and mirrors create the illusion of space.

5.  Rethink your display strategy.

If your retail space is too crowded, or you have too many of one product on one stand, customers may miss them. Clean, organised and well thought out displays can sell.

Need Displays? Well of course we can help you there! Visit our website to discover your space saving solutions.


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