6 Steps to furnish your Shop on a Budget.


Furnishing a shop can be a daunting task and a financial maze, but it needn’t be if you are well prepared.

Here are 6 steps to ensure the best display at the best price for you:

step 1


Everyone has a budget (unfortunately), and it’s worth sticking to. Don’t forget those little details that crop up unexpectedly, such as price signs or labels or even the open/closed sign. Budget for those too! A reserve fund is always a good move, especially if you are new to shop furnishing.

Be brutal. The tougher you are, the more likely you are to stick to your budget.

step 2


Your company brand can make a significant difference to what type of furnishings you are likely to want in your store. There are shopfitting systems such as Slatwall, which are popular or you may choose a more bespoke original look such as wood and wicker

You can keep things simple by sticking to the company colours at the very least, so your store still represents you and your company without draining your bank account. You can choose furniture, display stands, signage and even the paint to brand your store.

step 3


Whatever style of furnishing you choose, having a system that is hard wearing and durable will save you precious pennies in the future. It is far from ideal to be replacing items every couple of months, so you need furnishings that can withstand footfall, curious customers and the weight of your stock!

step 4

Key Features.

There may be some areas of your store that you want to pay particular attention to and that’s fine. Choose key items to make a statement and make your savings with the rest of the furnishings.

step 5

Keep it simple.

You have probably heard it time and time again. But once more doesn’t hurt! Keep it simple! Overcrowding your displays with every item you stock, confuses customers and they might be less likely to spot that product they came in for. Too many different elements in a small area can have the same effect.

Utilise wall space and floor space wisely, leaving room for your customers to move around.

step 6


You can use your display stands, gondolas and baskets to subtly guide your customers around your store. Clever placement can ensure your customers spend longer looking rather than diving straight for what they came in for.

Ikea take things a little further with maps and arrows, making sure you don’t miss a thing. Although your store might be slightly smaller, this is what you are aiming for.

Choose a layout and walk around your store, or invite family and friends to take the journey, before making any final decisions.


Author: Jaye Taylor

Display Stands Ltd

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