6 Must-Have Displays for your Booth


Organising your stall or booth can be a minefield and you will ask yourself many questions before even booking your table!

  • How much stock should you take?
  • What should you display?
  • How should I price my products?
  • How can I make my booth inviting?

To make things a little easier (especially for first timers), we have rounded up 6 of our most popular (and affordable) display stands that are frequently used by our customers at craft fairs, trade shows and exhibitions.

1. E8 – Counter Card Stand

This stand is one our best sellers. Sits perfectly on a counter top, or table and displays almost anything! Use it for cards, dvds, cds, carded items, decoupage and more!

It folds flat which is great for portability and constructed from wire for durability.

Going for the shabby chic, boutique look? It is also available in white!


2 J101
2. J101 – Rotating Hook Stand

Another popular stand. Each tier is adjustable in height and rotates, ensuring your customers can see everything you’ve placed on it easily. Comes in an easy to assemble pack of 2 x poles, 4 tiers and collars and a base. The base is weighted, which comes in handy on high traffic stalls or even blustery days outside.

This stand is also available in white.


3 CHA4
3. Counter Standing Chalkboards

Available in 3 sizes, these boards are great for signs or even pricing for your products! The base comes detached from the board, so you can even hang them if that works better for you.


4 G226
4. G226 – T-Bar Display

The T-Bar is often underestimated for its versatility. It can be used for bangles, watches and bracelets, but it is also great for support bands (such as Cancer research, Help for Heroes etc) and draping lanyards over.

Also available in white leatherette.


5 crate
5. Wooden Crates

If you haven’t heard about the latest Crate craze, where have you been? Shops, fairs, markets and boutiques are quickly filling with crates. These are so versatile, they can be painted, used to create window displays, tables, and even wall shelves!


6 bc93
6. BC93 – Business Card Holder

So simple, yet often forgotten, the business card holder should take pride of place on your booth. Get your company information into the hands of potential leads from the get-go with these clear acrylic business card holders.


Make your next fair or show a successful one without spending a fortune!




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