The Crate Revolution

What’s the deal with crates? One of the biggest trends to hit the high street and spread right into the craft shows.

There’s no doubt that the humble crate has indeed captured the imagination of many a trader and its versatility knows no bounds.

Crates have been seen used as tables, shelving units or as simple one offs. Use them with or without castors, paint them, varnish them or even stencil them with your brand.



Pinterest is full of great examples of how to use and display these vintage throwbacks and of course, Display Stands Ltd have both unfinished and finished crates to choose from!

See our full range here

Once used by the population when buying fruit and vegetables from the equivalent of our farmers markets. Crates where stamped and labelled marking the brand and the name of the packer. Crates disappeared once self-service supermarkets took over with cardboard boxes. But some vintage branded crates still remain in great condition despite the years that have passed.

With the awakening of the upcycling and shabby-chic era, crates began to appear once more at craft fairs and farmer’s market and we’re glad to see them.

CR8 Editorial



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