Lighting the Way with Marquee Letter Lights

Lights have always had the ability to set the mood and tone within the home, restaurants, bars and the retail environment. They automatically grab the attention of passers by and are ideal for highlighting products.

We have just introduced the popular marquee letter lights to our range. Letter lights have gained their popularity due to giving customers the ability to personalise.

Spelling out company names, initials or catchy phrases, the letter lights are the leading sellers.

You will see these lights in bedrooms, on the mantel, in catering and retail environments. But letter lights have also been appearing at weddings and other notable party events such as anniversaries.

It would be difficult not to make a statement with these individual 2ft tall fairground lights.

Beautifully crafted from metal with a rusty vintage look enabling you to make a stunning display sure to draw the attention of potential customers.

These vintage light up signs are ideal for adding a different ambience to your retail settings, events and home.

Built to Commercial quality from sheet steel and come complete with pre-installed and fully tested LED bulbs.

If you want to make an impact, it’s as easy as:


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