The humble LED sign

The first LED bulb was invented back in 1961 although infrared. It was a mere 1 year later that the visible light LED bulb was invented.

It is amazing to think just how much progress we’ve made in just 55 years with the introduction of plasma, LED and even 3D televisions.

Light, specifically artificial light, has many applications in the retail environment. Not just to allow your customers to walk around your shop without injuring themselves (ouch!), but to highlight specific products and areas of your store.

We have long supplied the well known LED signs that are often seen in cafes, restaurants, bars and take away shops. Although they may not be to everyone’s taste you can not fault the signs ability to grab your attention.

This week, we are currently offering free “Sale” LED signs on orders over £30 via our emails* and a chance to win a sign for free on our Facebook page competition.


Not to your taste, or fancy something even more eye catching? Try our new Light letter range to really brighten up your displays:


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